[USACO13JAN]Painting the Fence S


Farmer John has devised a brilliant method to paint the long fence next to his barn (think of the fence as a one-dimensional number line). He simply attaches a paint brush to his favorite cow Bessie, and then retires to drink a cold glass of water as Bessie walks back and forth across the fence, applying paint to any segment of the fence that she walks past. Bessie starts at position 0 on the fence and follows a sequence of N moves (1 <= N <= 100,000). Example moves might be "10 L", meaning Bessie moves 10 units to the left, or "15 R", meaning Bessie moves 15 units to the right. Given a list of all of Bessie's moves, FJ would like to know what area of the fence gets painted with at least K coats of paint. Bessie will move at most 1,000,000,000 units away from the origin during her walk. Farmer John 想出了一个给牛棚旁的长围墙涂色的好方法。(为了简单起见,我们把围墙看做一维的数轴,每一个单位长度代表一块栅栏) 他只是简单的把刷子蘸满颜料,系在他最喜欢的奶牛Bessie上,然后让Bessie来回地经过围墙,自己则在一旁喝一杯冰镇的凉水。(……-\_-|||) Bessie 经过的所有围墙都会被涂上一层颜料。Bessie从围墙上的位置0出发,并将会进行N次移动(1 <= N <= 100,000)。比如说,“10 L”的意思就是Bessie向左移动了10个单位。再比如说“15 R”的意思就是Bessie向右移动了15个单位。 给出一系列Bessie移动的清单。FJ 想知道有多少块栅栏涂上了至少K层涂料。注意:Bessie最多会移动到离原点1,000,000,000单位远的地方。



\* 第1行: 两个整数: N K \* 第2...N+1 行: 每一行都描述了Bessie的一次移动。 (比如说 “15 L")


\* 一个整数:被至少涂上K层涂料的栅栏数 (注意:输出的最后一定要输出换行符!否则会WA)


输入样例 #1

6 2 
2 R 
6 L 
1 R 
8 L 
1 R 
2 R 

输出样例 #1



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