[EC Final 2021] Beautiful String


当字符串 $s$ 的一个**划分**满足如下条件: - $s = s_1 + s_2 + s_3 + s_4 + s_5 + s_6$,其中 $s_i (1\leq i\leq 6)$ 为非空子串,$a + b$ 表示将字符串 $b$ 接于 $a$ 后。 - $s_1 = s_2 = s_5, s_3 = s_6$。 则称该**划分**是**美丽的**。 字符串 $s$ 的**美丽值**定义为 $s$ 的不同的**美丽的划分**的个数。 给出字符串 $s$,求其**所有子串**的**美丽值之和**。


Prof. Pang recently got a dictionary of the elvish language, including many strings representing their words. He thinks a partition of string $s$ is beautiful if both of the following conditions are satisfied: - $s = s_1 + s_2 + s_3 + s_4 + s_5 + s_6$, where $s_i (1\leq i\leq 6)$ are nonempty substrings. $a + b$ means the concatenation of string $a$ and $b$ here. - $s_1 = s_2 = s_5, s_3 = s_6$. For example, you can partition the string ``114514`` into $6$ parts : ``114514`` = ``1`` + ``1`` + ``4`` + ``5`` + ``1`` + ``4``. The first, second, fifth parts are the same, and the third and sixth parts are the same. Thus, the partition of $s=$``114514`` into $s_1=$``1``, $s_2=$``1``, $s_3=$``4``, $s_4=$``5``, $s_5=$``1``, and $s_6=$``4`` is beautiful. Accordingly, the beauty of a string $s$ is defined as the number of beautiful partitions of $s$. Given a string $t$, please help Prof. Pang to figure out the sum of beauties of all substrings of $t$.



The first line contains a single integer $T~(1\leq T \le 50)$ indicating the number of test cases. For each test case, there is one single line containing the string $t$, consisting of digits from `0' to `9'. It is guaranteed that the length of each $t$ in each test case will not exceed $5000$ and the total length will not exceed $30000$.


For each test case, output a single line containing an integer, indicating the sum of beauties of all substrings of $t$.


输入样例 #1


输出样例 #1