[EC Final 2021] Prof. Pang and Poker


舒克、贝塔、卢本伟在打抽象版斗地主。 + 因为卢本伟不想再被飞机炸弹秒掉,所以所有人**只能出单牌**,牌的大小依次为(从小到大列举):$2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,\texttt{T},\texttt{J},\texttt{Q},\texttt{K},\texttt{A}$。 + 因为舒克是色盲,所以牌的**花色无关紧要**(即:两牌数字相同时没有大小之分)。 + 因为贝塔技不如人,所以所有人**明牌打**。 + 其余和普通斗地主一样: + 主动方选一张牌,打出去开始新一轮比赛。 + 下一个玩家可以出牌或跳过,出牌需满足牌值**严格大于**上一张牌。 + 当两名玩家连续跳过后,另一名玩家开始一个新的回合,这另一名玩家成为了主动方。 + 谁把牌打光谁就赢了。 现在,给你一个残局,舒克剩 $n$ 张牌,贝塔剩 $m$ 张牌,斗地主大师卢本伟只剩一张牌了。 现在是新一个回合,顺序是舒克、贝塔、卢本伟。舒克想让卢本伟赢,贝塔想让卢本伟输。 作为著名动画片的主角与斗地主慈善家,三人都绝顶聪明。问最后谁会赢,卢本伟赢输出 `Pang`,否则输出 `Shou`。注意**舒克赢不算卢本伟赢**。 translated by 卢本伟。


Prof. Pang is playing a card game with his two friends Alice and Bob. All cards are drawn from a standard 52-card deck. A standard 52-card deck comprises $13$ ranks in each of the four French suits: clubs ($\clubsuit$), diamonds ($\diamondsuit$), hearts ($\heartsuit$) and spades ($\spadesuit$). Each suit includes an Ace (A), a King (K), a Queen (Q), and a Jack (J), each depicted alongside a symbol of its suit; and numerals or pip cards from the Deuce (Two) to the Ten, with each card depicting that many symbols (pips) of its suit. $\textbf{No card can be drawn more than once.}$ ![](https://cdn.luogu.com.cn/upload/image_hosting/3xtu6g4z.png) Individual cards are ranked as follows (high-to-low): A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. $\textbf{Suits do not affect ranks of the cards.}$ For example, Ace of diamonds and Ace of clubs have the same rank. No one of them is ranked strictly higher than the other. Initially, Alice and Bob will hold one or more cards while Prof. Pang will hold exactly one card. $\textbf{Each player can see cards held by himself/herself and cards held by other players.}$ They will play the game in the following multi-round rule: - The initiative player chooses one card and put it out to start one round. - The next player can pass or put out a new card, then the player after the next can also pass or put out a new card, and so on. The only constraint is that the rank of the newly put card should be strictly higher than all previous cards in this round. - The round ends when two players choose to pass consecutively. The one who put out the last card becomes the initiative player in the next round. - If someone put out all the cards in his/her hand, the game ends immediately. In this game, Alice is the initiative player in the first round. Bob, Prof. Pang, and Alice are the next players of Alice, Bob, and Prof. Pang respectively. Prof. Pang will be happy if and only if he is the one that first put out all the cards. (Prof. Pang wants to be happy, of course.) Alice wants to drink milk tea so she decides to make Prof. Pang happy and then asks him to buy milk tea for her. However, Bob doesn't want it to happen, so he decides to avoid Prof. Pang from being happy. If they play the game optimally for themselves, will Prof. Pang be happy in the end?



The first line contains a single integer $T$ ($1\le T \le 10^4$) denoting the number of test cases. For each test case: The first line contains two integers $n,m$ ($1\le n,m \le 50$) denoting the number of cards in Alice's hand and Bob's hand initially. The second line contains $n$ strings $a_i$ ($1\le i \le n$) denoting the cards in Alice's hand. The third line contains $m$ strings $b_i$ ($1\le i \le m$) denoting the cards in Bod's hand. The fourth line contains one string $p$ denoting the card in Prof. Pang's hand. For each card, the first character of its corresponding string denotes its rank. (Possible ranks are `2` ,`3`,`4`,`5`,`6`,`7`,`8`,`9`,`T`,`J`,`Q`,`K`,`A`. `T` denotes $10$.) The second character denotes its suit. `C` denotes clubs. `D` denotes diamonds. `H` denotes hearts. `S` denotes spades. It is guaranteed that each card appears at most once in one test case.


For each test case, print one line. Print $\texttt{Pang}$ if Prof. Pang will be happy. Otherwise, print $\texttt{Shou}$.


输入样例 #1

2 2
2H 2D
3H 3D
2 2
2H 2D
3H 4D

输出样例 #1



- For the first case, Prof. Pang can always put out his only card ``4S``. - For the second case, Bob can put out ``4D`` and become the initiative player in the second round regardless of the card Alice put out in the first round, then Bob put out ``3H`` and the game ends.